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Bistro RK strives for the best. We strive to develop and set new heights for Danish gastronomy. Culinary art in the highest league. Experiences that cannot be forgotten.


  • Vegan casoulette

    served with red lentils, vegetables brunoise, tomatoes dressed with piment d’espelette & olive oil
  • Stuffed pigeon breast

    Served with mushroom stuffing, foie gras & sage. Confit/grilled thigh, braised plums with pigeon sauce and red curry
  • Crêpe suzette

    With almonds, orange slices, lemon and orange peel

The team

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Morten Krogholm

Morten Krogholm apprenticed as a chef in 2000 and was apprenticed in 2003 at a traditional restaurant near Holbæk. Since then, Morten has worked as a highly recognized chef, sous chef and head chef at, among others, Café Victor, Noma, Kong Hans kelder, Herman Tivoli, Søllerød Kro and for the last five years as head chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant Kokkeriet, where he has been in charge of bringing 3 times 1 MICHELIN star. With more than 20 years of experience as a successful chef and head chef, Morten is helping to set the bar even higher and, together with the rest of the team, will set new standards for food art.

Morten is very ambitious and committed both as a chef and manager. He has a particularly developed sense of interior design and decoration of the restaurant, as well as devising new ideas and concepts.


Morten likes to throw himself into new challenges and tasks, he likes to involve his network in order to optimize the final result. Morten thinks outside the box, for example by starting a bistro located in Nørrebro, which does not have many similar competitors as neighbours. He is a fighter and works hard to create good experiences for the guests.

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Magnus Rosendahl

Magnus Rosendahl is a trained chef under Morten Krogholm at Restaurant Kokkeriet, a 1-star Michelin Restaurant. Magnus is an award-winning competition chef and is one of the biggest talents in Denmark. Magnus is extremely ambitious and purposeful in his work and delivers world-class food art. Among other things, Magnus has achieved:

2018 Gold at the Nordic Championship for chef students

2018 No. 2 in Young chefs

2019 Gold DM for cooking students

2019 No. 4 at Worldskills

2019 Selected for Bocuse d'or as Commis for Estonia

2020 Gold in the cooking course

2020 Brønnum's talent award

2022 BMW Masters

 Magnus works tirelessly and, despite his young age, has built up a great deal of knowledge and experience at an international level. He is also a respected chef who plays his team better.Magnus has been training for Bocuse d'or for several years, which requires hundreds of hours of training to perfection.Magnus is a sportsman, he loves playing sports and watching sports. He is disciplined in almost everything he gets involved in and is ready to make the necessary sacrifices.

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Mia Larsen

Mia is our skilled restaurant manager and the external face of the restaurant. Mia has worked for many years at the restaurant for Bo and Lisbeth Jacobsen, and when they chose to retire, Mia sought new challenges. Now we have the great pleasure of her, here at Bistro RK "Mia Larsen has been our valued employee for 10 years. Both at Restaurationen and Restaurant Paustian.Over the years, she has developed a fantastic ability to read the guests and instinctively know what each one needs. Young, old, rich, poor. With her winning personality, Mia gives all guests the optimal experience and makes them feel safe and at ease.Mia has acquired a solid knowledge of wines and the composition of food and drink. This means that she is very sure to help her guests to the very glass of wine they didn't know they would most like to drink. She finds the perfect balance between the safe choice, the challenge and the dishes the guests have chosen. Always with the quality of the wine in mind.After a long working life together, we have kept in touch with Mia, now as a warm and lasting friendship." - Bo Jacobsen

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